Men’s Items for Golf Tournaments & Galas

A Real Man’s Wallet!

Diamond Genuine Stingray Skin Wallet, Key Chain & Luxury Pens. Stingray Leather is prized for its luxuriously smooth, pebbly texture & mesmerizing pattern. This is a seriously cool accessory that makes a strong statement about the man that carries it! Easy-smooth silver-toned money clip attached. Lightweight and compact, easy to carry in your pocket. Includes Matching Stingray key chain & Luxury Marble Pens. Free Shipping.
Charity: $60/Retail:$420.

Rare & Selective Accessories For The Man!

Luxury Genuine Crocodile Skin Passport & Wallet. Shiny surface ensures a comfortable texture, while premium quality genuine crocodile leather guarantees high durability. Both lightweight, easy to carry in your pocket. Exquisitely crafted in a luxurious blend of soft crocodile and calf leather. Includes Luxury Marble Pens. Free Shipping.
Charity $125/Retail: $980

100% Cashmere Scarf

Made In Scotland. Soft, warm, comfortable, the ultimate winter essential. Timeless & Classic. Wear golfing, with jean blue jeans to a suit! 72" x 12”. Includes 2 pair of Happy Socks, 2 Luxury Marble Pens, Golf Ball. Free shipping.
Charity: $60/Retail $290